Background History

Hpa-an University’s Background History

A brief history of Hpa-an University

Location                 – Bo Gyoke Street, No(9) Ward,                                            

                                   Area(26) Hpa-an Township

Area                        – 67.919 acre        

            The early states of Hpa-an University have been developed as –

Kayin State Regional College            – 23.5.1977

Hpa-an College                                        – 30.11.81

Hpa-an Degree College                         – 6.4.1999

Hpa-an University                                 – 14.5.2003

The University of HPa-an, Bogyoke Road, No. (9) Ward, No. (26), this  is situated in Hpa-an Township. The width of the University of Hpa-an is 67.919 acres.

The Regional Collage of Kayin State was started to open on 23rd May, 1997. Next, it became Hpa-an Collage on 30th November 1981. Then, Hpa-an Collage was raised to be the Hpa-an Degree Collage on 6th Aprial, 1999. Finally, it has been upgraded to Hpa-an University since 14th May 2003.